Unsolvable Problems Disappear Before Creator When Asked

Thursday, May 10, 2018. From last Saturday until yesterday, I was trapped in a technological maze, not of my own making. It frazzled my mind for reasons I shall present below, and I pleaded with You, Lord, to give me wisdom, courage, and strength to overcome this Spirit of Confusion and solve the snarled mess. I kept at the problem, but couldn’t unravel a loose end to start. I trusted You, for you have walked me through many of these dark valleys and back into sunlight.

It started when my DOT COM website went down (Problem #1) and I repeatedly talked to host’s support, mostly in East Asian countries, with no lasting results. The site would resume running noticeably slower, then collapse. Was restarted, collapsed. This dragged on through four days until Tuesday night as I exchanged calls and chat board conversations with the host and their security management firm, emails with a premier plugin’s smorgasbord of products including a site malware firm (an independent plugin when I started with them) and their recently absorbed real-time backup plugin (also an independent plug-in when I started with them) who had provided me continuous backups and technical support (with great success) for the last 2 years.

By late Tuesday (May 8th), the website was up and running reliably for my subscribers and other users (Problem #1 solved), but on “autopilot”, for I could not get to the Administrator’s Control Panel to manage it or write new posts (Problem #2). I felt like I was juggling the host’s support offices in the US and India and Indonesia and Philippines and their security vendor, my website’s software provider, the new superplugin (newcomers) and the backup and malware plugins’ personnel—the “too many cooks” syndrome was obvious.

But, You, Lord are the Creator God, the one to help me unravel the snarl of “too many cooks.” I knew You would walk me through and out of this latest dark valley (the valley of passwords) like you have led me through the multitude of dark valleys during the past 44 years I relied upon You.

So, I focused on the host’s support on Tuesday evening and chose the chat option where chats are recorded. The recorded conversation showed a place to start, and the solution revealed two more problems before—it seemed miraculous to me—all three critical problems vaporized within one hour late last night.

This problem is no longer a critical threat to my activities. Obviously, I redacted all vendor-identifiable material and most of the blow-by-blow walk through this valley from the 5-page entry in my spiritual journal.

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