Review of Linda Ronstadt’s novel: The Fifteenth Article

October 9, 2017. My review of Linda Ronstadt’s book: The Fifteenth Article.


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5.0 out of 5 stars Evocative of classic dystopian novels, one Christian, one not.

By Richard E. J. Burkeon October 9, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

Fair notice: I read a final draft of this book on my PC before it was published, and gave a thumbs up to its author, who participates with me in a wannabe-Inklings writers critique group, that meets at the Desert Rose Cafe in Williamsport, Maryland, on the second Saturday of each month. I bought the published version for my Kindle Paperwhite, because I intend to read it again, and share it with my wife. In this novel, we have current events extrapolated into the near future, evocative of the classic 1984, but written in Christian-friendly prose with a fresh plot. I recently finished the C. S. Lewis space trilogy with a Goodreads book review (see that review in Amazon, as well). This novel’s antagonists demonstrate similar contempt for their clinically red-lined humanity, as do their counterparts in the 3rd book of that trilogy: “That Hideous Strength.” Comparisons aside, this book engages from beginning to end. I’m not a patient reader and fail to complete more than 80% of the novels I start–no matter how far I’ve read into the book, or how much I paid for it, or who thinks I should read it. 4-stars for any book I read all the way through, and 5-stars if I’m still thinking about it a month later. I don’t rate books I haven’t finished, and I try to rate all which I have.

The Fifteenth Article

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